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Frequently Asked Question
أسئلة المرضى وأجوبة الدكتورة بياتي

How should I choose a surgeon? 1

As a patient, you should make certain that your surgeon has the proper training and credentials to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery. Nationally, The American Board of Plastic Surgery monitors and credentials the surgeons who are properly trained and credentialed for your procedure of choice. You can find a list of these surgeons on

How would I know if I am a good candidate for the surgery of my choice? 2

A comprehensive consultation with a Board Certified Plastic surgeon can educate you on the proper procedures to achieve the results that you seek.

What separates Dr. Bayati from the other Plastic Surgeons? 3

Dr. Bayati is nationally recognized for her extensive research in the field of Plastic Surgery. She has several publications to her credit and her training has been extensive in the field of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. She is one of the select few surgeons approached by the Discovery Health Channel because of her excellent technique and reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery. Her program on “Cosmetic Surgery after Massive Weight loss” was so well received, that she was selected a second time to present a case of “Mommy Makeover” by the Discovery Health Channel involving breast and body sculpting to correct the changes after having children. She is a perfectionist with extreme attention to detail. As a female surgeon, she is very much in tune with the needs of her patients and has one of the busiest practices in the area due to her superb results. Most of her patients are referrals from other satisfied patients. Many of the physicians in the community choose Dr. Bayati as their own plastic surgeon and refer their wives, friends and family for procedures. They see the work of many plastic surgeons in the area and feel that Dr. Bayati’s results are well above the rest.

Where are the surgeries performed? 4

Dr. Bayati performs her surgeries at several Certified Outpatient surgery centers and hospitals including, Laguna Hills Surgery Center, Hoag Hospital and Hoag Surgicare in Fashion Island, Orange Coast Memorial Hospital. She only works with Board Certified Anesthesiologists at these centers who have had extensive experience with the unique anesthetic needs of Cosmetic surgery patients.

How much time off work should I take? 5

The recovery time from surgery depends on the procedure of your choice. For small areas of liposuction or eyelid surgery, sometimes 3 to 5 days is adequate. For most breast surgery procedures one week off work is adequate unless your job is physically very demanding. If you have a desk job with computer and phone responsibilities, one week is enough. For patients having a tummy tuck, two weeks off work are necessary. If combination procedures such as breast, liposuction and tummy tuck are done at the same time, plan for two weeks off for sure. More time might be necessary based on the patient individual needs and job requirements.

What if I cannot afford the entire cost of surgery? 6

Dr. Bayati is very competitively priced in this area. However, if the cost of surgery is beyond your budget, we offer excellent financing options to assist you with your financial needs. Cosmetic surgery is a great investment because you will feel and perform better at all other aspects of your life when you look and feel like a million bucks! In this competitive society, a better image can make the difference between two candidates for the same job or promotion. So this is truly an investment in you and your future.

What if I find another surgeon who will do it for cheaper? 7

Be Careful! This is one area where you will get what you pay for. Many surgeons who are not busy due to poor results or who do not have the proper training or certification reduce their prices drastically to get more patients. On a weekly basis, Dr. Bayati revises the terrible results of many patients who have price shopped and as a result received inferior results requiring correction. You do not want to pay for the same surgery twice. It ends up being more expensive in the long run!

How much bruising can I expect? 8

As a rule natural redheads bruise the most, brunettes the least and the blondes are somewhere in between. However, several factors influence bruising and there are things that you can do to reduce it. For two weeks before and after surgery avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Naproxen, Excedrin, etc. Tylenol is the only one that is safe to take before surgery and Dr. Bayati will provide you with stronger medications after surgery to keep you perfectly comfortable without the risk of bruising. Herbal supplement and teas are also notorious for increased bruising after surgery. You should discontinue these supplements three weeks before surgery. Finally, our office will provide you with a natural supplement that you will start before your surgery and continue for the first three days after surgery to reduce bruising significantly.

How much does the consultation cost? 9

A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Bayati costs $75. This will include adequate time for evaluation of your specific needs, review of the surgery and preoperative preparation, post-operative recovery, a financial quote for the cost of surgery and financing options if necessary. Once you schedule your surgery, you will receive a complementary consultation with our Medical Aesthetician and a medical grade facial.

If I need a few different procedures, can I do them all at once? 10

There are certain procedures that can be safely combined at the same time. Dr. Bayati will inform you of what combination’s are safe and effective. If you need to have a second surgery, usually 3 weeks in between the series is the common rule.





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